Marco Mascorro

Robotics & AI Engineer


Robotics and AI engineer. I enjoy programming, building Robots and open-source projects.

Here some of them:

Project Portfolio

Here are some (old) projects I've built:
Semantic Search Engine for YouTube/Podcasts

Search for a phrase, idea, or question. We'll point you to the exact timestamp and video(s) where this is mentioned. Lightning fast.
Automated Whisper (OpenAI) transcriptions

Transcribe any YouTube video into a searchable PDF using Whisper (AI Model) from OpenAI.
Co-bot (Coca Cola) Social autonomous robot

The autonomous social robot was developed in collaboration with Coca Cola for the creation of a social robot.
AI Camera software for weapon detection

AI model to detect weapons in real-time from security cameras and send SMS notifications to warn of this threat to the right people.

Tested in the footage of the Uvalde, TX school shooting.
Neural Net Vision system for Robot Arms

The easy to use interface allows any person with no programming experience to use and program industrial robots.
COVID-19 Contact tracing
COVID-19 Contact tracing

The contact tracer allows people to socially distance (by an haptic feedback) and keep track of every contact within 10 feet precisely, utilizing Ultra-wideband (UWB).
COVID-19 Ventilator

The Open Source COVID-19 ventilator has been helping over 200 teams around the world. Marco and the Resilient Breath team have been working and manufacturing multiple ventilators to help with the relief of COVID-19.
Autonomous wheelchair

Developed an autonomous wheelchair robot for disabled people while I was doing Computer Vision research at the Kanazawa Institute of Japan.
Nuclear Exploration Robot
Nuclear Exploration Robot

Autonomous humanoid exploration robot in Japan due to the Fukushima accident. IREX 2011
Exploration Rover
Exploration Rover
Developed an exploration rover for search and rescue in nataral distasters. Project was developed at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Kanzawa Institute of Technology - AI and Robotics Lab
Electrathon Competition
Electrathon Competition

High efficiency, high speed, electric vehicle.

First place in best design